Thursday, June 23, 2011

Boobs and TV

So last night a friend showed me this:

The tl;dr is that someone wrote a letter expressing their distaste for the prevalence of boobs in Game of Thrones, and someone wrote an interesting reply about the show (and issues of sex in general).

Now, I mostly agree with pretty much everything the person responding said, but it's been a long time since I wrote anything here and I'm looking for excuses to not do work, so I thought I'd make a little blogrant of my own.

Sex on tv: Who cares? It seems like every few days (probably not actually that often, but it feels that way!) I encounter someone complaining about a sex scene or nudity in a tv show, book, movie whatever and how it "Detracts" from the story or was shown in a demeaning way. Sure, there are some bad sex scenes in media, but that doesn't mean creators need to shy away from showing what is really a perfectly natural part of human life (well, for people who aren't me, at least =p).

That, I think, is the key point I'd like people to walk away with. Sex is fancy and neat and fun (or so I'm told), but contrary to what puritanical folks would have you believe, it's not some horrible dirty thing that should be shied away from. It's just a part of life, and there's no more reason for movie or tv show creators to omit it than to omit people laughing, playing, talking or eating. If it's a part of the story (and in this particular example, I think most or all of the scenes in Game of Thrones were fairly relevant), why not?

I dunno. I could probably ramble more but I'd just be repeating what was said in the original link, except less eloquently, so I'll take a break here.

tl;dr there's nothing wrong with having boobs on tv.