Thursday, October 7, 2010


Oh wow. Has it really been 3 weeks since I posted anything here? I'm bad at this game. I've had a few things come close, but I guess nothing has inspired me to a furious blog rant in recent weeks. Maybe I'll actually write something *gasp* positive for once.

In other news, one of my old EQ buddies resubscribed while drunk, and though I was sober at the time, I decided to jump in as well. Somehow, the rest of our old EQ circle decided to join us as well. It's been pretty neat. I haven't regularly played since February I think, and they'd been gone even longer. (Warband grabbed my interest away, then some Oblivion, plenty of Minecraft and I'm ashamed to admit I might have played some WoW in there too.) It took us a moment to remember what abilities we used and what they did, but once we remembered the right tricks we got back into things fairly well, clearing our favorite missions and trolling the trolls in general chat. It's almost like we never left. Well, except that all the people who used to get upgrades from our rot loot are now way better geared than us, but eh, we'll catch up.

tl;dr 2 paragraphs is too long? Stop being a slacker.